traditional Japanese martial arts

Kita Kaze is a multi-discipline budo club. Our main focus is traditional Shotokan Karate. We also teach  Kobudo, which is the art of Okinawan weaponry, and two styles of iaido - the art of drawing and cutting with the Japanese sword or katana. 


Our chief instructor is Rob Ingram who holds a nanadan (seventh degree) in Shotokan Karate from ShotoCanada, recognized by Karate Canada. He also holds a nanadan in iaido and recently took the gold medal in his division in the Dai Nihon Iaido Renmei championships in Kyoto, Japan. In Kobudo, Ingram Sensei holds a yondan (fourth degree) in Tesshinkan Ryu Kyu Kobudo as taught by Tamayose Hidemi. 


We offer karate classes for children 8 to 12 and for adults 13 and up. 

6 week Beginners Course 

starts September 14, 2020

Classes are cancelled until further notice. 

photo by Michael Mitchell

photo by Michael Mitchell

photo by Tom Patrick, Yukon News

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