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from 1 - 2 pm at Selkirk Street Elementary School

We practice Tesshinkan Ryu Kyu Kobudo as taught by Hidemi Tamayose. We are a shibu cho dojo of the North American Teshinkan Rengokai.


Kobudo is the study of Okinawan weaponry. These weapons were developed out of everyday items and farming implements to enable normal people to defend themselves. Originally taught in secret, this wonderful weapons system is now available to all serious martial artists. 


The main weapon of the system is the six foot staff called bo or kun, in Okinawan Hogen dialect. Made from hardwoods such as Japanese red oak, this is the tool that students will work with for the first year or so of their training to perfect the basic techniques, foot work and body movement necessary for the other weapons. 




Tamayose Hidemi

Tamayose Sensei is jodan and head of our system

Kita Kaze with Rainer Todsen Sensei at Qualicum Beach, July 2018

Judy Boyko and Carolyn Steele-Lane work a nunchaku drill with Shapland Sensei. 

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